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About Grace Lake Resort
Grace Lake Resort Vacation Rentals are close Mt Lassen National Park. It is surrounded by large Ponderosa  pine and cedar trees. Vacation Rentals are furnished and include king, queen, or twin size beds. Cozy linens and towels are provided. All lodging have a Private bathroom with a shower. Kitchens come equipped with a refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, microwave and basic utensils, plates, cups, glasses,  Outside  are charcoal BBQ'S , picnic tables and chairs. 

Grace Lake Resort Vacation rentals are the perfect places to relax after a day of exploring nature. Great place for a family vacation, or romantic get away.

We are located just minutes from Mt. Lassen National Park, where you will find endless recreational opportunities. Exploring Mt Lassen National Park, Lava Tubes, Burney Falls State Park, Wild Horse Sanctuary, Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Lake and Falls.

RATES Range from 160.00-275.00 per night.
Additional 10% Occupancy Tax
We have a 2 night minimum & 3 night minimum on all Holidays
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Sustainability in Going Green

Here at Grace Lake Resort, we our doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint
so that future generations can enjoy the beauty and tranquility we enjoy today.
Sustainability, it's the responsible thing to do.

Guests may notice our flock of free range chickens diligently patrolling our grounds collecting insects, aerating and composting. We have also created habitat for our friendly bats. Their efforts together, reduce the need for pesticides and repellents.

Onsite we recycle paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic. Labeled containers are
conveniently located through out our facility for proper disposal. We also have an active worm farm for composting organic matter and providing nutrient rich castings and tea for our organic garden and fruit trees.

We use environmental safe cleaning products and provide eco-friendly soaps and
shampoos in order to have a minimal impact on the environment around us.

In our efforts to mitigate water consumption, we have reduced the use of hard
surfaces on our property. In order to control storm run off, we have incorporated
lawns, gravel driveways, woodchips and mulch into our landscaping. This pro active approach helps slow down erosion of our soil, filters water, suppresses weeds, and replenishes ground water. We collect rain water from our roof, which is then put back onto our property through irrigation.

 Inside our cabins we are taking a sustainable approach in promoting our guests to re-use towels and be aware of their water /energy use. In an effort to encourage this, we have installed energy efficient appliances, photo voltaic light sensors, light fixtures, water heater timers, low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets, which have resulted in saving thousands of gallons of water every year.

On top of this, our in house interior designer has beautifully furnished our cabins
with re-purposed, re-conditioned, and restored furniture.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas together we can make a difference.